Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i'll be your shade tree

sunhat :)

for the past four days or so, my friends and i have done little more than bake ourselves in the sun by my pool. in between work and other actual responsibilities, different visitors come and go, and kristin usually makes us food and brings drinks, so it all works out. i also bought a lovely sun hat which instantly turns me into julia roberts in pretty woman. we've been eating a lot of watermelon and listening to a lot of random music. it's.been.awesome.

watermelon remains

until right now. this very moment. and this has happened.

ouchies :(

as my mamaw frankie might say, i'm burnt plum up. my fair-skinned boyfriend calls me a wimp because he has been dealing with burns all his life. yeah, well. some of my ancestors were cherokee indians so forgive me if i'm not so used to feeling the wrath of the sun. my skin can usually take a little more than this. but i guess four days without paying much attention to sunscreen and more to mimosas really did me in. so now i feel hot and cold at the same time, have a killer headache and god forbid i have an itch because scratching it out of the question.

anyway -- my advice to the rest of you is wear the freaking sunscreen and don't let your awesome poolside times get the best of you. the sun is still shining and as great as it feels, it's not playin' around.


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