Tuesday, June 14, 2011

stuff of the moment

i need to write more, but i don't have a specific topic in mind. so here is a list of things i am loving lately. enjoy.

- painting my nails. they are this crazy robot silver right now. last week they had newsprint on them.
- my new water bottle from starbucks. it's glass and hella cool.
- designing things. i have a secret/potential thing coming up with a few of my friends and i'm working on the logo. stay tuned!
- lady gaga. always have loved her, but her new cd is so great i can't stand it. i haven't ventured from her name on my ipod in dayssss. "you and i" is my favorite. give it a listen. it gets me every time.
- my friends. i have some really great ones. we've all got baggage and issues, but we still stick by each other somehow and really know how to have a good time.
- summer breezes and flowy skirts.
- anything neon.
- pinterest. get invited, because it's the coolest thing ever and will take up all your time. isn't that enough to get you to check it out?
- starbucks passion tea lemonade. i mean, come on. delish.

that's about it i guess. what are some things you love right now?


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