Monday, September 6, 2010


for about two weeks i have been planning a surprise 25th birthday party for kyle, and finally on saturday it happened. i was so anxious and nervous about him finding out, because for anyone who knows him, you know how sneaky he can be. but he said he really was surprised. i think his words were "i'm a little disappointed in myself for not figuring it out." the party was a blast, and my decorations and favors turned out pretty great. here are some photos.

the tent was decorated with white christmas lights and a photo wire i made from photos i printed out and rounded the corners, then attached hoops of hemp cord or ribbon to them to string them along a longer piece of hemp cord, then held them in place with wooden clothes pins. the tables were covered with my mother's tablecloths and the chairs were just our own dining room and kitchen chairs from our house. i used mason jars and some random vases i had with tea candles as the centerpieces for the tables, and that also added some extra lighting at the tables.

the photo backdrop i made was just a bedsheet and with the help of my dad, we hung it on the side of the house using duct tape. i made the mustache sticks myself by cutting out the shapes of the mustaches from cardstock and hot gluing them to wooden sticks. the other props were just sunglasses, hats and other things i had laying around.

i made everyone gift bags that were stamped with their initials and tied with hemp cord and ribbon. there was a mix cd and a thank you note inside.

the party was a success and a total blast. the weather was that perfect first day of fall temperature and being outside with the lights and the tents was so comforting and romantic for everyone. we had great food, music and drinks, and it was so great to be able to do this for kyle and be with our closest friends. i wish we could do that every weekend!


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