Friday, September 17, 2010

little letters

i love jewelry. obsessed might be a more appropriate word. it's sort of sick, actually. nonetheless, i recently bought this little necklace and am now crazy about it. not because it was expensive or because it is particularly well made, because in fact, it cost 8 dollars and i've already had to repair it once. i love it because it holds love. literally. it is a small little envelope that actually opens, and of course, my love wrote me a little letter for it. i have worn it every day since i bought it, and especially now since it holds something so special. the tiny little letter reminds me of our love and how important it is. at least once each day, i pull it out and read the short little note, carefully fold it up and put it back in the envelope it came in. sometimes it helps so much to have something with you to comfort you. it's sort of like an adult version of a teddy bear or a blanket - those things always made you feel better as a child, and as an adult, this little letter around my neck helps me feel better. it's just a nice reminder of what i have, and it helps me not to take it for granted. i won't share with you what the note says, because some things are sacred, but trust me, it's perfect. it's just what i need to read every day to help with the fact that he is so far away. i am very blessed, indeed.


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