Wednesday, September 22, 2010


my favorite store in the world in anthropologie. i love all of their clothes and wish that one day i will have enough money to shop there all the time. any time i go a place that has an anthropologie store, whoever i'm with knows to allow me at least 2 hours to spend in there. i try on a million things and then decide what i can afford for that trip. i have a select few pieces of clothing from there that i take extra good care of and they have all turned out to be staples for my wardrobe. but i don't just love the clothing, i love everything, right down to the shopping bags and wrapping paper they put your purchases in. they have beautiful things for your home and i love all of that, too. so, here is a list of some things i have been lusting after from anthro. some are expensive, some aren't, but hopefully one day i can have all of these beautiful, wonderful things.

i love this chair. it is so eye-catching and lovely.
2. Love Letters Sheet Set - $228 (queen)
who wouldn't want to sleep among love letters?
classy enough to show off, strong enough to open your beer.
4. Crowned Crane Duvet Cover - $298 (queen)
i have wanted this bedding for years and they refuse to put it on sale. it is swoon-worthy to say the least.
i love aprons, and this one is so ridiculously adorable.
i would cook more if i had these beauties.
imagine sitting outside on your porch writing or drawing with this little thing.
i'm a sucker for owls, so of course i need this for my bathroom.
this mirror is perfect in every way.
10. Calico Owl Knob - $12
like i said - sucker for owls.
also, i'm a sucker for anything related to design or art, so of course i want these for every piece of furniture i own.
i would love to have a wall in my house with this paper. it would be perfect with a cozy chair and a nice lamp for reading.


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