Saturday, March 3, 2012



i started reading the Harry Potter books back in November and have taken whatever book i'm on with me wherever i go. for some insane reason, i missed the boat when everyone else was reading them in middle and high school, and now that i've finished the sixth book and moving on to the last and final part of the series, i'm asking myself, "what the hell were you doing not reading these books?!"

maybe i had other things going on, maybe i lost my mind, maybe i thought i was too cool to read. i don't know. but now i know why they changed lives and inspired millions. now i know why my longtime friend rachel wore a Quidditch shirt in Gryffindor's colors. now i know why people stayed up all night reading when the new ones would come out and come to school sleep-deprived and buzzing about what happened in the last chapter they read before finally falling asleep. now i know, guys. i'm sorry for not joining in and missing those moments. i hate myself for missing that.

however, i am so inspired and amazed by how much more is in these books than in the movies. i mean, obviously i love the movies, but people, the books. they are incredible. i know you're all going "um. yeah. where have you been?" but honestly, i had no idea how these books would make me feel. i finished the sixth book this week and sat in the living room alone and wept. literally tears streaming down my face. honestly, i think that if i had read all of these when i was growing up, i would be one of those people at the midnight premieres of the films showing off their Harry Potter tattoos. i've actually already thought of what i would have mine be. and i don't even like tattoos. so yeah, i'm serious here. 

i found a Time Turner necklace i must have, as well as one with a Golden Snitch on it. there are recipes for homemade butterbeer and places you can buy Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. i want to host a theme party and if i was allowed to have pets in our rented house, i would want a white owl. i'm losing my mind, i know, but understand that i have almost completed the series within a few short months, whereas everyone else in the world with a brain and eyes read these over several years. years. i can't imagine waiting for the next one. perhaps that's why the universe worked against me reading them with everyone else. i would have lost it. 

basically, i'm saying i love everything about the Harry Potter books and everything they teach you. it is obvious as you read them that there are extremely important underlying lessons and information. it's talking about friendship and love and good and evil and government and religion and morals and standing up for what you believe in. it's about so much more than magic. it's about life.

i will read these again and again. i will tell my kids about them and share in their inspiration when they read them, and when they finish the series and tell me they love it so much they would like a tiny tattoo of a Snitch on their wrist, i might just let them. because i would rather it be that than an ugly butterfly or tribal symbol any day.

if you're like me and haven't read these, please, run to the nearest bookstore and buy them. read them all. take it all in. make notes. talk to people about it. i'm telling you, these books will change you. 

i'm sure i'll rant a little more about this once i finish the last one, i just couldn't wait. i'm too hyped up. if you need me i'll be planning my trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 



  1. I told you. All these years you've been missing out.

    1. i know! hate myself. but just get ready to discuss whenever we have our next gathering. lol