Friday, March 23, 2012


so originally, i had wanted to write this weeks ago, but things have been crazy so this very important post was delayed.

i finished the Harry Potter series on march 12th, and have been walking around like a zombie ever since (kinda). it's over. there's nothing else to read. and i don't know what to do with myself. so i subscribed to about 5 Harry Potter podcasts on itunes, painted a pencil cup at the pottery place with Harry Potter themes, made butterbeer for my brother, sister and kyle, and looked at the website for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter like, every day.

on the day i finished the last book, i couldn't stop reading. i read at the soccer field when i took the kids i babysit to their practice. i read while i ate. i read while i sat in the car waiting for kyle to come out of work. and after we ate dinner at moe's, our usual for dreary mondays, i knew it was almost over. i had about 20 pages left. so i told kyle, "when we get home, i'm going into the bedroom to finish this. don't bother me." and he didn't. except that one time he started singing really loud and i told him to be quiet. oops. but i finished it and then i felt empty. but happy. it was weird. so i just went to the living room and sat there, not knowing what to do with myself. 

that's sort of worn off, but i still think about these books all the time. like, allthetime. there was so much to them, so much more than magic.

friendship. honor. loyalty. good. evil. government. politics. religion. god. sacrifice. but most of all, love. love for one another and the world and others you don't even know. 

i've never cried so much reading any other series. i've never wished so badly for these characters to be real. i've never wanted so much to read books again and again.

please go read them if you haven't already. and if you have, i'm glad i've finally caught up with you.


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