Tuesday, February 14, 2012

this is a post about valentine's day

it's true. i love valentine's day.

but let it be known that i don't really like red roses. or heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. or a giant teddy bear that will take up precious space in my house. i need as much space as i can get these days, and i'm not going to waste an entire corner just for some stuffed monstrosity of a bear holding a heart that says "be mine." truth be told, i think those things can be sort of creepy. power to you if you do love all of those things, but i couldn't care less about that overpriced stuff. i would much rather have a handmade card, a good meal and a goodnight kiss. yes, that'll do. because here's the deal:

to me, valentine's day is and always has been about sharing love with all of the people you love, not just a date. yes, i have been lucky for the past 6 years to have a valentine on valentine's day, and i realize that those who don't have one can feel annoyed or left out or downright sad. but listen to me. you have friends, don't you? and family? a dog? don't you love those people? spend it with them, then. go out with your girlfriends or your buds and have a drink or sushi or pizza or go to a movie. spend the day with someone you love and have fun with, regardless of what type of relationship status they are to you. i sent my friends and family and grandparents valentines in the mail because i love them. today is about all love.

ok now that my little rant is over, i would like to talk about my valentine. 

every year, kyle makes me a card out of construction paper or newspaper or something. a couple of times they have been vintage postcards he has found. they are always wonderful and tug at my heartstrings. i usually cry while i sit in the car and read it, then inevitably have to check my mascara in the mirror. but i love it. i love that his words make my heart swell and my eyes sting. not just because they are beautiful and perfectly written (he isn't a journalist for nothing, people), but because i know he means them. he doesn't just tell me he loves me on valentine's day when target looks like someone spilled pepto bismol all over it. he tells me always. he shows me every day. even when i'm being impossible and hateful and complaining about things that don't matter, he loves me anyway.

sometimes i get stressed because i have this running thought in my head… "we aren't married and everyone else seems to be getting married and we don't have a lot of money and how will we plan the wedding we want blah blah blah…" this happens about once a month, but this last time he said, "we just made different choices than everyone else. we could have been married two years ago and we could both still be working for newspapers and we would still have to live with our parents for a while. but we didn't do that. our choices made things different for us. but we will get married soon. i promise." then i was crying into my sandwich and wondering why in the hell i had been worried at all.

i am so very thankful for kyle. i don't want to think about what my life would have been like if we had never found each other. and i think he is the proof that sometimes you can fall in love at 16 and spend the rest of your life with that person. 

spend today with someone, just as long as it's someone you love. 


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