Thursday, February 9, 2012

green monster

i know. this look scary. and pretty gross, actually. but let me just tell you. it's not.

i've been reading about spinach smoothies and how they are super good for you…blah blah blah. at first i though "whatever, that's nasty. i might want to be healthy, but not that bad." i'm all about eating healthy foods and limiting the really horrible stuff like processed foods and a ton of sugar and all that, but i've never been on the super health food bandwagon. no flax seeds or any of that jazz. i just eat what i know is good for me and let it do it's thing. so naturally, i would be turned off to such green nonsense, right?!


as i read more and more, i became even more curious. i buy spinach almost every week with my groceries and eat it with salads or sandwiches or in eggs. i also normally purchase many of the other ingredients said to be good in such smoothies — like bananas, peanut butter and other fruits. so…i gave it a whirl.

1 cup spinach
1/2 a banana
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 cup milk

blend it up until it's smooth and super green.

i had a glass of water handy in case i took the first sip and straight up gagged all over myself. but alas! it tasted like peanut butter and banana! nothing wrong with that, right?! 

granted, they are no cook out milkshake, but whatev.

these smoothies are supposed to do wonders for your hair, nails and skin, as well as give you super woman energy. i definitely felt energized after i had mine, and hopefully it will strengthen up my nails over time. yay!

i've read a lot of people saying these are especially great for summertime, so i'll go ahead and get a jump start on summer health.

after my first green monster, kyle and i went to the UT game. they played south carolina, and won. wasn't like the best game ever, but still fun. we got there a little late and our seats were next to these two old men. one of them patted kyle on the shoulder and said "there you are! we've been wondering where you were!" ha! and while the game was going on, he would give a little old man "yoo-hoo!" when something good happened. when he was leaving he patted my shoulder and said "see you next time!" i love old people. 

kyle's parents are coming for a visit this weekend, which should be fun — shopping and such, i'm sure. it's always nice to have visitors. although i'm sure his dad will make fun of my green monsters. ;) let me know if you try one, and have a good weekend.



  1. Two things:

    1)Good for you on the green monster. I try to be good re: dietary choices but I'm fairly picky. Maybe I'll fix one for Jamison and the kids, as they tend to be a little more adventurous than I. (Also, I have a strange issue with smoothies made with milk. I'm an oj girl all the way.)

    2) I think we all need to have a little powwow and exchange lists of must-view shows/movies. I think we have very similar tastes (except that you guys are much younger and cooler than us). I'm so excited that someone else likes Downton Abbey! The grandmother cracks us up.

    Have a good weekend with the Dyers! Ruby D. is and always will be one of my favorite people ever. Take care and hopefully we'll see you guys soon!

    1. Thanks! Definitely stick with bananas with this type of smoothie -- I tried pineapple yesterday and it was weirddd. lol. And YES, we must exchange some show/movie info. We may be younger, but cooler -- never. ;) Downton Abbey is great! We love the grandmother, too! And Thomas is THE WORST! I can't wait to hang next time we're both in WV. :)