Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"my nail beds suck..."

it's no secret that i like to do things for myself. i never want to ask for help, even when i know i really need it, and if i can figure out how to make something myself, i sure as heck won't buy it. so it's natural that i have always tried to do my own nails. i went about a year going to the salon regularly for fill-ins and pretty polish -- but then i moved out and had no money so i was back to doing it for myself. i used to paint my nails a lot in high school, then sort of fell out of it once i got to college. well now, for whatever reason, i have found my way back to colorful shades and teensy brushes. here are a few of my recent nail endeavors.


harry potter, gryffindor

wizard of oz

i have several ideas for more manis -- and it's fun because you can choose something for every occasion. i am by no means a professional, or even that good, but i don't think they're too bad to wear out in public. enjoy. :)


ps. the title is a "mean girls" reference. if you didn't get that, then we might not be able to be friends.


  1. "my pores are huge". Lol. Just call me Regina George. Great to see you today. :)

  2. "I have really bad breath in the morning"