Monday, June 18, 2012


yes. that kind of engagement.
here's the dets. 

we left for vacation on wednesday afternoon and drove to bald head island (well, to the ferry) where my family had already been for a couple of days. we arrived late that night, had some snacks and beer, and got excited for the next day of beach time. 

we spent the next day in the sand and sun, only going in to eat a quick lunch. my family had planned to cook out that night, and apparently it was also supposed to be my engagement dinner. my cousin haley jo's boyfriend austin grilled for hours. (thanks, austin!) after a quick trip back to the house to change clothes, i helped my cousins chop and peel vegetables to grill. haley jo kept me very busy preparing dishes while kyle was out at the beach. he had told my aunt diana that he would ask me when the sun was right. my cousin jessica sent me out to the beach a little later and said kyle wanted me out there. he was sitting with my uncle josh, who casually got up and headed back to the house. kyle walked a little while and then he asked me. the sun was just right.

afterward, ya know, after i said yes, my family showed up with champagne. we took a million more photos to add to the ones jessica and my sister had been secretly snapping during the whole thing, while haley and my brother spied and cried. then we ate, partied and danced around like crazies, and in between glasses of champagne and slices of cake, we changed our facebook status like any good social networking people. it was great and seriously the most perfect engagement day i could have asked for. 

i know things like this usually sound corny and silly when you tell them to other people, and maybe it does, but really, it wasn't at all. it wasn't over the top. it was simple, romantic and wonderful, and i'm so thankful that my family was there. there were people missing that i wish could have been there, too, but really, it was great. i liked that kyle asked me with them there, but not really there. they were watching from afar, so we were able to have our moment alone first, then celebrate after. perfect combination.

when he asked me, i just hugged him and cried, and he said "you didn't even look at the ring." too funny. but when i did look at it…dear lord

the most important part of the ring is that the diamond was my great-grandmother's. so not only is the most special piece of jewelry that i will ever receive, it is twice as special because it was her diamond and he gave it to me. also, it is the exact ring i have been lusting after for about a year. it is absolutely perfect.

i'm just so thankful for everything that has happened this week and that kyle is in my life at all. there is so much to plan and do in the next few months, but i am so excited. of course the wedding will be fun, but the real excitement is the marriage part. it's the right time for us now. a year ago, kyle and i would sort of laugh about being married. like "psht! married?!" but now, it feels so natural.

i'm ready for a real life with him and for our many adventures to come. 



  1. Congratulations Kayla! I just know your wedding will be the most adorable thing on the planet! Enjoy!!

  2. congrats on your engagement! how exciting :) your ring is beautiful!!

  3. I'm not sure if there are anymore social networks I can comment about your engagement on, but this is so exciting, Kayla! You and Kyle deserve all the happiness in the world!

    1. Haha! Thank you so much! For all of your social media posts and encouragement. ;)

  4. I tried to respond to your text that you sent everyone yesterday but I kept writing novellas, so this will be a better outlet for this, as I tend to be wordy.

    There are certain times that I'm so aware of the pure goodness that exists in this crazy world and Thursday night was one of them. While I wasn't actually there to see everything (we were probably en route during the actual proposal, as your mom told us about everything when we were getting off the golf cart), it was such a special night that I'm just glad I got to be there for it in any small way. I'll think of that night when you walk down the aisle, when I watch you with your babies someday, when I'm 85 and wrinkly, watching a beach sunset with my grandkids. I'm so happy for the two of you that I could practically burst.

    Part of my happiness for you lies in something that you already mentioned. I know weddings are fun (and fun to plan) but the real goodness is what comes afterward. I honestly believe that the hardest part is over for you. You've already found the right person and that, to me at least, is about 85% of the what-makes-a-good-marriage equation. Getting around, over and through the other 15% is exponentially easier after you find that person.

    I'm so excited for both of you. (And, incidentally, Kyle has made it really rough on any future proposers/proposals in our family, as yours will be pretty hard to top. I'm kidding, of course, but I'm so, so glad that everyone was together for it.) Congratulations! We love both of you and can't wait for the wedding and everything thereafter! Keep us posted on any exciting wedding's been a while since we've had a wedding to look forward to!

    1. Sara, thank you so much. You don't know how much that means to me, especially coming from you. Kyle and I talked about how wonderful you are to sit and talk to when we were leaving the beach, and your kind words and support make this even more exciting. Your marriage to Jamison is something that gives me hope in my own future marriage with Kyle. I know that I will have you, as well as Jessica and the other great marriages in our family, to look up to as Kyle and I start ours. I'm so thankful you all were there...really. I love you all so much! I'll keep you updated on details. :)

  5. I couldn't be more tickled for the both of you! Absolutely precious! And I ditto everything my best friend said about how the real love starts after the wedding. I love my sweet husband a million times more now than I ever have. It just happens when it's real. Congrats again!

    1. Thank you, Amanda! I can't wait. :)