Tuesday, May 15, 2012

weddings and awards

one of my best friends got married this past weekend, and i got to take the photos. so exciting/nerve-racking. i've never photographed a wedding before, and now i have a better appreciation for the pros. it goes by so fast and you're just trying to make sure your lens is switched in time to take the next photo. it was crazy and hectic but a lot of fun, too. and jessica looked ilke a barbie straight out of the box. the ceremony was beautiful and i loved being with her all day. literally. i stayed at her new house the night before, and started taking photos as soon as the hairdresser arrived at 7 a.m. very fun. and very exhausting. 

hair time. :)
kyle and i spent time with family on sunday for mother's day, and then drove back to tn. we got back after midnight, and next weekend we'll do that all over again for a wedding reception of another friend. eek! oh, wedding season.


also, my friend casey chose me for a liebster award on her blog, which is a blog award for those with less than 200 followers. the rules are:

1. choose 5 blogs to give the award.
2. show thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
3. post the award to your blog.
4. list the blogs you gave the award to with links to their sites, and leave them comments letting them know they received the award.
5. share five random facts about yourself.

here are my chosen blogs:
2. Haley Jo at Read the Directions
3. Kyle at dyer's swatch
4. Jessica at dare to dream

and i also wanted to link a couple other of my favorite blogs, but they definitely have more than 200 followers. whatev. 

my friend Sarah Tolzman at note to self. she's awesome and i'm glad i know someone so wonderful and awesome. 
and someone i've followed for a long time, but never met, Golriz at the cozy hunter. she and her husband are part of the team at soulpancake with rainn wilson, and i love everything she posts. 

check them out!

and here are my facts.
1. my first dog was a black yorkie named cricket and he got stolen from my yard. 
2. my favorite animal is the peacock. and owls. 
3. it's really hard for me to pick favorites of anything because there are too many great books/songs/movies/things to pick just one. (see number 2 above)
4. i don't like for my dishes to match, because i'd rather have a collection of different pieces from different places and people.
5. i often daydream about conversations i would have with people if they were with me at certain moments. i'm pretty sure that's also called schizophrenia.

i'll be working on wedding photos all week, and preparing for the next haul to west virginia. it's such a busy time, but i would rather it be like this than boring and slow. agreed? 


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