Wednesday, May 9, 2012

first kisses and touchdowns

i mentioned in my last post that i was in west virginia all last week. i had some appointments, but also, and possibly more importantly, i had to see my little brother at his senior prom. yes. senior. prom. my sister and i cried most of the day. we're close, in case you hadn't caught on to that.

it's sad growing up, and the fact that my brother, who i still look at and see as a tiny little boy with blonde hair who likes to make obstacle courses with tape across the hallway, is about to graduate high school. when did that happen? moments like this make me super nostalgic and sad. add that in with driving to wayne and back about ten times last week listening to some old favorite tunes and Brady turning 5, i'm a basket case. 

i love where i grew up and the things i experienced when i was my brother's age. there are so many memories sitting along the curves of I52, so it's impossible for me to be anything but nostalgic. and more than just about anything, i want my siblings and other kids in wayne to love it as much as i did when i was growing up there.

anyway, i'll try to not to get into that too much, as i know i write about this like once a month. i'll just show you how freaking cute my brother is, instead. as if he needs more of an ego boost. whatever. 

casey and his date :)

lavalette elementary kids!



kill me.


sister and brother

also, i took his senior photos, like i did for my sister when she was a senior. and omg. some of them turned out so great.

so if anyone needs any photos taken, let a poor girl know. (shameless self-promotion)

i'll leave you with this song, that i've (no surprise here) cried over about as many times as i've listened to it, which according to my itunes is somewhere between 1 and 47 since sunday. kyle made me listen to it on the way to my parents' house to see casey, and i begged him to turn it off because i was such a mess. maybe i'm nuts, but just humor me. 

seniors, you have like two weeks left before graduation, and then a summer before your new life starts. drive with the windows down. sing loudly with your friends in the backseat. go to waffle house at 2 am. eat junk food. go to the beach and live off of cereal and beer. have the best summer ever. be safe. love the life that is around you.



  1. Okay, crying. What a perfect song to describe our hometown! Beautiful post, as usual Miss Kayla!

    1. thank you! it really is the perfect song - for our hometown and just to make me generally sad. lol ;)