Wednesday, August 25, 2010

this is the beginning

so i've finally started a blog, and if you asked me, it looks pretty good. :) to kickstart what may or may not be a successful piece of internet, i give you two lists.

i love summer so very much. the heat. the sunshine. the swimming. the tan. i love it all. but, whenever fall rolls around, i feel a mixture of disappointment that my favorite season is ending and excitement that it is about to change. the crispness in the air feels so nice when the seasons are changing, and so many good things come along with fall as well. are 10 reasons why i love both.

10 reasons i love summer
1. school is out for 3 whole months.
2. everyone seems a little more relaxed.
3. sandals can be worn every day.
4. everything is bright - makeup, nail polish, clothes, smiles.
5. get to enjoy the cold drinks at starbucks that i won't dare order when it is cold outside.
6. tans.
7. driving in the car with the windows down and the music up loud.
8. night swimming.
9. get to go the beach.
10. more time for creative things.

10 reasons i love fall
1. the mornings feel nice instead of humid.
2. the leaves changing are beautiful.
3. back to school shopping.
4. football games at my old high school.
5. new clothes, new outfits.
6. get to start wearing my favorite boots and tights.
7. get to cuddle on a warm couch when it's chilly outside.
8. christmas/the oscars are on their way in a few months.
9. new television shows start.
10. cinnamon/clove flavored things come back to life.

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  1. love the blog!!! keep posting, and i'll keep reading :)
    and you should add a follow button so i can officially 'follow' you!