Thursday, August 26, 2010

t-shirts & lovers

basically for the entire summer, kyle and i have been trying to cross off all of these creative projects and ideas from a long list of to-do's. finally, in the last days of august, we have completed his most pressing project — robert c. byrd t-shirts.

when he first decided this would be his first t-shirt attempt, neither of us had any idea what we were doing. but after purchasing a screen printing kit from hobby lobby, watching countless youtube tutorials and reading the instruction pamphlet about 10 times, we decided to try.

on sunday, we moved slow because we were unsure of what we were doing. the first screen didn't work, so we decided to call it a night and try again.

on monday, the same thing happened — the screen didn't work so we spent most of the night just waiting and scrubbing off the unsuccessful screens.

on tuesday, we figured out that our problem was the transparencies we used for the photo emulsion on the screen, so we drove to wayne to print more and try again.

on wednesday, our screen finally worked after we stacked three identical transparencies on top of one another and let it sit under the light for an hour. we tested out a few shirts just for practice, but they weren't exactly how kyle wanted them. so we washed out the screen and decided to work more the next afternoon.

then today, we began working around 3:30 and to our surprise, the first shirt was almost perfect. as we continued screen printing any old shirt we could find laying around, we became more confident and creative with the printing. multiple colors, even! i took photos of kyle wearing the shirts and fixed him up an etsy account to sell our masterpieces.

despite the fact that this project has been frustrating at times, this week-long adventure with kyle is just one of the many reasons i love him. he is creative and fun, determined and abmitious, and to top it all off, he loves being creative with me. it has been a long week, but a fun one no doubt.


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