Thursday, August 9, 2012

happiness tastes a lot like buttercream frosting

while i'm sure many of you are planning your jaunts back to school, or have already started, i am still job searching and getting into some wedding planning. well, kinda.

if watching sappy/awkward wedding proposals on youtube this morning while i drank coffee and then even more awkwardly actually cried over these strangers counts as planning, then yes, i'm planning.

but i basically just look at pinterest and make lists and cut out things from magazines and paste them into my smash book that kristin and sarina gave me. thanks, ladies!

next weekend, kyle and i have plans with my uncle who knows some people with land, so we are going to go check out some possible locations. one of them sounds freaking amazing, but i'm trying not to get my hopes up just yet. once we figure out the place, everything else will more easily fall into place. i just feel that i can't do anything else until we have the location. 

one weird thing about this whole planning thing is that kyle and i totally know what we want it to look like, without really having to explain anything. i guess that happens when you've been together for almost 7 years. yikes!

a few weeks ago kyle said "I want it to be like part family reunion, part tent revival, part awesome party, part wedding, part love." and i know exactly what that means. 

i'm getting really excited about choosing music, too. i know, way early. there will be a ton more songs come out between now and then that i'll want to include. but there are some that i know for sure i want included somewhere, whether it's while people sit down or for the serious dancing later on. get excited, people. we mean business. 

it's all very exciting, but kyle and i have been equally occupied with figuring out our next step in this life we're trying to build and praying that god helps us figure it out soon. so there's a lot going on right now…as usual, it seems. life, right? yeah, people told me that would happen.

anyway, i'm sure i'll keep you updated on wedding shenanigans and the like. 


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  1. Um, do blog readers get an invite? Because between you and Kyle, I know this wedding is going to be gorg. ;)