Thursday, November 17, 2011

second star to the right

taylor & me wearing christmas pajamas or something
last weekend was pretty special. kyle and i decided to surprise my sister, taylor, and come into town for her 20th birthday. yes, my little sister is 20. holy crap. anyway, we left tennessee around 630 friday evening and got home right about the same time she and my brother were getting home from the football game. was she surprised? oh yes. she even cried. :)
casey & taylor playing in the snow. i think i'm the
giant purple coat in the background
we had a fun weekend celebrating the beginning of her second decade of life and spending some time together. we had dinner out on saturday with a bunch of her friends, which i rode to with my brother. yes, my 17-year-old brother drove me to dinner in his new mustang. in.sane. then we had dinner and cake at home on sunday with our family. fun fun fun.
the kids helping taylor blow out her 20 candles
brady waiting patiently for ice cream cake
 i was so happy to surprise her for her birthday. i even had butterflies on the way there, and when kyle merged onto exit 8 to my parents' house, i had the same excited/throw up feeling i get when i have surprises for him. and it was especially great since she didn't have a clue and was so shocked she teared up. she is such a wonderful person. i'm so lucky to have such wonderful siblings.

it's hard to believe my sister and i are both in our 20s and our little brother is right around the corner. i'd just like to know where all that time went. one minute we're sleigh-riding and the next we're going to work. we've traded our pirate hooks for cellphones, pixie dust for gas money. neverland is far away and we're just trying to find our own way to another magical place, wherever that is. lost boy or not, i'm glad to have landed here with them.
sister <3
so, anyway, i know it's already over, but happy birthday, seester.


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