Sunday, October 16, 2011

excitement: part II

if you remember, a few months ago i posted about having the opportunity to write for a new online magazine. well, it's up! sweet lemon mag began as a crazy idea and became an amazing online publication for twenty-something women, and i am so happy i was able to contribute to it.

the articles give you a little bit of everything — health and beauty, career and internship advice, workouts, dating — and as Carly Heitlinger, Editor-in-chief, said in her opening letter,

so in an effort to create a magazine that is the perfect in-between, sweet lemon was born. and it works. i can relate to just about every story in the magazine, not to mention enjoy it.

so check it out! you can find my photo on page 6 with the list of contributors, and my beauty article is on page 51. eek! all of the other articles are really wonderful and current, and i'm very proud to be included among other young women journalists and writers like me.


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