Wednesday, October 13, 2010


i've always said if i ever joined a band, i'd be the tambourine player, and recently this thought has taken over my brain a little bit...not the band part, the tambourine part. i want one. badly. it could be the hippie/gypsy in me that makes me want one and become so enamored with such things...but whatever it is, i like it. so i think when i get paid this week, i'll go on a quest to find one i like. i love when i can hear a tambourine in the background of a song - it immediately makes me like the song even more. also, i recently finished the book "extremely loud and incredibly close" by jonathan safran foer, and the main character, a little boy named oskar, carries around a tambourine with him at all times, and tends to play it when he's nervous or scared. i'm not sure if i would need it in those instances, but i would definitely love to have it when i hear a good tambourine solo in a song in the car. such as this song by florence + the machine.

i also want to learn to play the harmonica, and this song by barry louis polisar is why. i have this vision of me playing the harmonica for people and them being amazed by my skills...maybe not. but i would love to learn to play that song.

so hopefully by the end of next week or sometime soon, i'll have both my most-wanted instruments. now all i need is someone to play the fiddle...

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